FYI Status Up-date

Good morning friends and followers.Winter is about over here in “Down East”, although it did snow 2″ yesterday.
I did get a few blogs off this winter and have more to write.
I will not be writing as many stories this Summer season.
2021 has started off much better, for me. I hope the same for you.
Orders for my Whales are coming in. Looks like I’ll be quite busy.
The Commons of Eastport, Maine will be putting my small Whale on their website, a beautiful Gift Store on Eastports waterfront.

Also, as I mentioned earlier,  a gift shop in Scituate Harbor, Joye, 196 Front St. now has my Whales, and a very nice selection of other gifts.

My Blogs consist of a total of 82. I understand some early ones have not been read/seen,  why, there are 4 pages, one has to pull up the next page, do so by looking in the upper right or lower right, you will see an arrow (pointer) in a box,  1 arrow = 1 page up or down, 2 pointers,= back to the beginning  or end. The earliest blog is ” “Remembering Trains” .
If you have a curiosity of something around Seaview, send a request.

Thank you for following and commenting.

Eagles are everywhere, clouds too !

W. Ray Freden .  Seaview, Marshfield.  Down East too.


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