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Good morning folks.

Since I posted my website, I have had numerous requests  if I am still carving.

The answer is ”Yes”.

Most contacts are from  previous customers that have my  shorebird carvings.
Shorebirds, Waterfowl & fish are no longer available.

For those of you that don’t know of my carving history, I began carving shorebirds  and waterfowl in 1983.  Shortly later,  I introduced  various fish followed by Sperm Whales in the mid 90’s.

The shorebirds were  slowly faded  out in the early 2000’s and now I only carve Sperm Whales .

I have never advertised my work because  dealers have always  kept me busy.

Now , I  only supply  the following three dealers;

Oceana  One Main St. Sq.  Orleans, Ma. 02653

Contact; Jane [ Owner],  Martha , store keeper. 508 240 1414.


The Company of Craftsmen    43 W. Main St. Mystic, Ct. 06355.

Contact; Jack, [owner]   860 536 4189.


196 Front St. Scituate Ma.

Contact;  Nancy, 781 545 7273



The following photos are of items I have previously carved and no longer available. Some were ”one-of-a-kind”, others were duplicated many times.            ” N.A.”  designates   No longer Available.



This is on ”Camp Dauphtucket” on the North River, Damonds Point, Marshfield/ Scituate line.   #1of 1.


Sperm Whales ready for my special finish. 

Left side, 22” & 28” Up- Tails.    Right side, Straight Tails.


14” Sperm ,straight tail,   Also made in 24”.    NA.

22”  Sperm Up-Tail, also made in 28”.    Available.

 Mushrooms. NA.

Applewood  burl bowl. for our popcorn.   # 1of  1.


 Straight tails & Up- Tails, shown on the wall of The Company of Craftsmen, Ct.    Available.

 Yellowlegs preening-up-wing. NA.


 Upland Plover. NA.

 Rainbow Trout. NA.

Roseate Tern Nesting. NA.


 A pair of Hooded Mergansers, #1of 1,  Sold

24” Twisted Tail- Sperm Whale, wall.   Available in 18” , 20” , 22”, &  24” .

24”  Twisted Tail -Sperm Whale, hanger.   Available in 18”, 20” 22” & 24”.

Atlantic Cod. wall  NA.

36” Stripe Bass. N.A.

Now, what next?

What was this made from  & how ?
See part two.


W. Ray Freden.   Down East , Maine.    ” The Way Life Should Be”

One of our views of the Cobscook Bay.


7 Replies to “Ray’s carvings”

  1. Ray,
    Do you remember me? Carol Seaberg (now Haselden) from Humarock. We went to school together. I graduated in 1956.
    My brother sent me the link to your stories about Humarock and Marshfield and I’ve really enjoyed reading your accounts.
    Your carvings are beautiful! I wish I had room for some of them.
    After Kalamazoo College and Michigan State University and working in Michigan, we eventually moved to the Pacific West Coast…Bellingham, Washington and winter in the Palm Springs, California area.
    I’d like to hear from you.

    1. Hi Carol.
      Oh yes I do remember you and sister arriving at the North School, third grade maybe?? year 1943? Thank you for responding. Hope all is well.

  2. I have recently purchased one of your carvings on eBay. I am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival! It is a flying goose ( black and white). Lovely work! I enjoy collecting beautiful carvings. Looking forward to one day finding another one of your treasures!

  3. Hello, my husband and I have purchased 8 of your twisted tale Sperm whales from the company of craftsmen in Mystic CT. We have 5 different size whales all hanging in a pod on our living room wall next to our fire place. They are so amazing and unique, we absolutely love them. I love that their tales are all independently different, twisting and turning making them so life like. We live in Newburyport MA right along the Merrimack River. Thank you for sharing your talent for us to admire and enjoy. Your amazing whales bring a smile to our faces every day.

  4. I have just purchased a Heron, which you apparently carved in 1990. It is absolutely stunning and we will treasure it.

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