My First Christmas. Revised once more 12/2023

I love my little Clowns story, we are so fortunate to get together once again.  Enjoy.

Ray wishes his friends  and followers a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.

As seen by The Little Clown.

My story begins with my first Christmas—– A few days before December 25th, 1934.

My friends and I were waiting patiently in our box on the table in the dining room.

A freshly cut pine tree was standing in the front window, it too, was waiting to be decorated soon.

It was very, very quiet—– not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Then suddenly a man did appear,
dragging a chair, which he placed by the tree.
Up he climbed up and attached a beautiful spear.

Next he wrapped the tree with lights—- strings of garland and cotton snow,
a Santa hung high, the mushroom down low,
a little boy with a tall hat, a bear—— then me,
we all were hung on bouncy branches around the tree.

Tinsel was draped from branch to branch,
and with the slightest draft, every strand shimmered and danced .
All was quiet for the next day—-
but, we were excited to be out after a long stay.
Then into the house there rose such a clatter,
when what to my eyes should appear, but a miniature person crying and screaming as there was something the matter!
The man had returned with a beautiful lady carrying this noisy spoof.
This bundle of joy was born December 10th to Bill and Ruth.
Now the quiet was in shambles——- but no matter,
I will hang around in spite of the clatter.
For the next few days I watched the family hustle about doing Christmassy things,
Two large stockings and one small, were hung from hooks and rings.
Boughs of greens were placed around ——— the wonderful smells of Christmas were abound.
Santa came and went and left a present or two, It was rather skimpy around the tree—– you see,
because it was a Christmas during the Great Depression.
And William Raymond was Bill & Ruthy’s Christmas present.
On Christmas day, Nana and Gramps came bearing gifts .
It was all recorded on Baby’s First Christmas list.

Relatives, neighbors and friends were generous with a rattle or two.
I watched the gang dwindle to a few, and then knew— this day was nearly through.
I was soon to be put away for another year—– along with the others, including the spear.
This routine has been going on for many-a-year——— It has been 88 times that  I’m out and free—-and now, the 89 th,
to be hung on a pretty Christmas tree,
I really don’t know how many more times I’ll last,
you see I’m delicate—- I’m only made of delicate glass!
But I’m feeling sure—– I’ll see my family once more,
and that will be in another year, so I’ll see you then, along with Santa and his reindeer.


Revised 12/ 10/ 2023.
Well I made it  through all eighty eight   (now 89)  protected on a shelf far above the floor.
I’ll be out again to see eighty —-,  (88)  this time not on a pine tree green, but in a special, safe place for me to be seen.
I’ll only be out a week, lets say,  and being  in  the company of Carol and Ray.
Pluto will be very near, as he is my younger friend, best and dear!
I don’t mind being put away for such a long time, cause the next time I’m out, again,  I’ll be fine.
Merry Christmas to all hanging around, I hope you have a friend like Pluto, my best-est  friend, just an old glass hound!

Pluto is my younger friend,
we’ll hang together to the end.
Clowning around is fun.
Good by for now——- I’ve gotta run.
The Little Clown.

My caretakers takers;
Bill & Ruth Freden , about 30 years.
Ray & Carol Freden ,  61 years.

“Christmas isn’t a season It’s a feeling” – Edna Ferber

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W.Ray Freden
Seaview/ Marshfield, MA. 70 years.
”Down East” Maine 17 years.

20 Replies to “My First Christmas. Revised once more 12/2023”

    1. Enjoyed reading this story so much. It brought back many happy childhood memories of my family Christmas’ in Marshfield as well.

  1. What lovely memories, Ray! Remembering, too, all the nice times we all spent with friends in Marshfield and Chatham.Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, too!

  2. What a great story and ornament! I didn’t realize/had forgotten that you and Zach have such close birthdays. Merry Christmas, little (and big) clown!

  3. I grew up seeing that precious clown in the Christmas Tree entourage of ornaments.
    I’m so happy Clown was reunited with you and you continue to enjoy your special holiday friendship.
    Your story warms my heart.
    Christmas was so special with mom & dad.
    All the special antique ornaments and traditions.
    Merry Christmas
    Ray & Carol
    Love you both
    Sister Judi

  4. This great story brings the “best” memories of Christmas & our family continuing these special traditions mom & dad shared with us!
    Ray, you light up the joy of precious moments we share & carry forever!
    Merri Merri –
    With loving thoughts to Carol & A “most” special” brother!

  5. Thanks, Ray. You probably know about the Marshfield Historical Society (MHS) Pro-Am lectures. Tomorrow, on Polly’s birthday, is one about the North River with Kezia Bacon. It’s a Zoom at 1400 EST at Meeting ID: 869 3860 6340 Passcode: 991862. Linda and I will try to attend in person, weather permitting, at the Marsha Thomas House Museum on 65 Webster Street. Lecture starts at 1400, but gathering begins at 1330. Clif and Linda Banner

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