The Hatch mill

I have not written anything about the Hatch mill on Union St., due to the vast amount of history already written by authors much more informed than I.   Blogs of Decker Hatch & his Son I have written.
I have just been informed of this interesting little do-dad.

This refrigerator magnet showed up in the early 70’s. The now holder inherited it from her Dad, a Marshfield long time resident.  She has no knowledge as to it’s history.
I assume it was made by a member of “Save The Hatch Mill” restoration committee.
Is there anyone out there that has any information?
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Thank you.

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  1. I agree with you, it’s probably a Hatch Mill Restoration piece. In our time we didn’t use refrigerator magnets.

  2. I spent many hours helping restore the old Hatch Mill in the 70’s. I received 1 stock share for my time and efforts from a Mr. Kittendorf (wish I could find that share) Mr Kittendorf was a neighbor on Cedar Acres for years, he took great pride in the history of the Hatch Mill as I learned to. Kittendorf (sp?)

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