Ray’s carvings part 2.

My Carvings continued;

Not far from my home, a 1900’s Victorian home was being restored. Along it’s driveway were White Cedar trees malformed by pruning many many years ago.  The ”elbows” were cut and were going to be  disposed of. I was given permission to remove them.  I had envisioned an up twisted tail & fluke being cut using the curved grain within it’s tail.

A cut elbow.

A whale rough cut with a hi-lift tail.

These Whale positions inspired me to make a ”Hi-Lift & a ”U” Tail  Whale.

OOP’S   I’ll replace —-

A 24” burl cut in half.

A whale sketched on the burl following the grain.

A large & small ”U”Tail cut from a 24” burl.

Now we have ”U”- Tail Whales.


”Hi-Lift Tail.

A ”Hi-Lift with a reverse twist. [Sold]

These latest creations have been interesting & fun to develop & make.

Other fun creations I have put together;

”The Runner”   Pieces of curved wood from the wood pile.

Inspired by the Boston Marathon . Sold to a Marathon  participant.

A cedar slab [firewood] , likeness to an Owl.

Adding teeth to a Whale.

Our need for utensils to go with our Apple bowl.

I wasn’t happy with the boring look of the factory rosewood grips.

So, I went to the wood pile and found some white ash with  curved grain the shape of the grips. 

Recently received customer photos.

18″ Sperm Whale                         18″ Moby Whale.

A Pod of  8  in this home of Whale lovers!

Whats next?

I’ll think of something!

I hope you have enjoyed ”My Carvings” part one & two.

I am now into my 36th. year of carving and nearly 20k  pcs  signed & dated pieces are scattered about the world.

”Wood carving is easy, just remove what doesn’t look right.”


W.Ray Freden, ”Down East” Maine”  The Way Life Should Be.





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  1. I have just been given one of your carvings, a puffin, dated 1989. I love it! It will be going to my summer home in Eastport. Are you still in Pembroke?

    ( I wanted to add a photo of it, but don’t see an option for that)

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